Green Run 2020

Green Run was first held in 2016 to raise public awareness about environmental conservation, protection and responsibility, as well as to promote the transformation of Hong Kong into a more sustainable city. By organising and staging this meaningful charity sports event, we encourage the public to implement greener choices and living habits in their daily lives, while embracing the competitive spirit found in long-distance runners for environmental responsibility. Green Run 2019 was recognised by the Environmental Campaign Committee as a \”Green Outdoor Event\”. We continue to emphasise the principle of green measures and environmental protection in the 4th edition of Green Run, we will: 1. Not distribute bottled water or drinks. Instead, we will provide reusable water cups on the event day, and distribute reusable water bottles as souvenirs to encourage participants to reduce plastic waste 2. Set up plastic, metal, paper, glass and food waste recycling bins in prominent places to encourage clean recycling 3. Arrange with our sponsors to distribute food and souvenirs with simple packaging at the Post-run Party 4. Carefully select the type of food for the Post-run Party and estimate the amount of food based on the number of participants to reduce surplus food

Three Islands

This unique and fun race sees runners take on either 4, 3 or 2 islands across Hong Kong. Runners run across each island and catch public transport between each island. 4 Islands 40km Tung Lung Chau – Lamma – HK – Lantau 3 Islands 31km Lamma – HK – Lantau 2 Islands 21km HK & Lantau

Race the Peak HK 2020

Registration is now open for the 2nd edition of Race the Peak HK, to be held on Sunday, 19 April 2020! Starting and finishing at The Peak Galleria, the event is open to participants of all fitness levels, with various distances offered: – 7K Challenge – 3.5K Family Run/Walk – 1K Kids Dash

Tai Mo Shan Mini Trail 2020

Tai Mo Shan Mini Trail 2020 will be held on April 13 (Monday, public holiday), starting at 9:00am. In support of the relocation of Tai Mo Shan Kiosk, the race will start and finish at the kiosk’s new location at the Tai Mo Shan Visitor Centre. Distance is 22km and time limit 5 hours.

Hong Kong 360

Hong Kong’s newest and longest event! 360km / 360 degrees / 7 days multi-stage format The only multi-stage race in the world to encircle a world class city! Only 100 spots.

Merrell Challenge 2020

23KM ELITE TEAM OF 2 Team adventure run with coasteering, orienteering, kayaking, river running, and special team tasks. 23公里精英賽 (2名跑手) 隊伍將挑戰冒險海岸攀爬、野外定向、划​獨木舟、河流賽跑及完成特別團隊任務。 ​ 16KM EXPLORER TEAM OF 3 Team adventure run with coasteering, beach running, orienteering and special team tasks. 16公里探險賽 (3名跑手) 隊伍將挑戰海岸攀爬、沙灘賽跑、野外定向及完成特別團隊任務。

TGR Ultra @ Tai Po

TGR Ultra @ Tai Po, is a premier trail running that spans the amazingly beautiful north east Hong Kong frontier, including Plover Cove & Pat Sin Leng Country Parks. Challenge yourself individually or as a 2 runner team traversing the full 119K over two days, or a one day supreme effort of 75K (4180M D+) on Saturday or ‘extra distance’ 44K (2640M D+) on Sunday. If you’re only just getting into the swing of trail running, the short course distance is 18K (1220M D+) over Pat Sin Leng mountain range to get you going!

Healthy Hike & Run – 5 / 13 / 19

Tai Tong Shan Rd BBQ (500m above Po Leung Kuk), Tai Lam, N.T., Hong Kong 香港新界大欖,大棠山道燒烤場(保良局渡假村對上500米左右位置) Mar 8, 2020 (Sunday) 2020年3月8日(星期日) To promote a clean environment and beautiful trail hiking around Tai Lam 透過跑步活動,提倡健康生活