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Asian Games

The athletics starts today. There's no streaming that I can find, but the results site

seems to update automatically. Curently, Yeung Hong To looks like he might qualify in the high jump.

Re: Asian Games

Dead last. So much for Yeung. He can head for the airport.

Re: Asian Games M long jump

Chan Ming Tai who jumped for us in Rio goes tonight at 7:45.

Re: Asian Games M100

Both Tsui Chi Ho and Ng Ka Fung got through to the 100m semis -- so far so good.

Re: Asian Games W100

Lam On Ki and Chloe Chan both managed to run pretty close to their PBs at the big dance, but Lam got through and Chan didn't.

Re: Asian Games M long jump

Chan fouled his first two qualifiers and jumped only 7.11 on his third, so he's out. Coach Georgi will be disappointed. Chan was the athlete he worked with most intensively when he first took over from Paul Wright.

Ko Ho Long, however, managed to qualify seventh.

Re: Asian Games W high hurdles

We had two in the 100hurdles qualifiers last night. Kiko Shing didn't get through, but Vera Lui qualified fourth about 0.05 behind third. So she may be in with a chance in the final.

Re: Asian Games W marathon

Nicole Chui and Vut Tse Ying gave it a go in this morning's women's marathon. They were 13th and 16th of 19 respectively. Nicole was 2:55 and Vut was 3:03, but times don't mean much in the heat and humidity of Jakarta in August.

Tonight's evening session will start with the women's 100 semis at 7:30, then the long jump final at 7:40, then Ng and Tsui go in the men's 100 semis at 7:45 followed by Lui in the high hurdles and then the men's low hurdles at 9:25. If any of our studs get through, the 100 finals conclude this evening's program.

Re: Asian Games W100

Lam was 7th of 8 in her semi, about a half second behind the slowest qualifier who, interestingly, was Duthee Chand the winner of the recent court case about androgenism.

Re: Asian Games M100

Ng was second last in his semi and Tsui was last, so they're done.

Re: Asian Games M long jump

Ko fouled his first jump in the final, which put him last and that's where he stayed.

Re: Asian Games MEDAL !!

Vera Lui ran a PB at the big dance to get the bronze medal in the women's 100m hurdles.

That's only the second athletics medal Hong Kong has ever won at the Asian Games, and the other was way, way, way back in 1951 when some guy from DBS got one in the 100m.


Re: Asian Games M low hurdles

Chan Ka Chun beat one guy in the heats of the 400hurdles, and that guy DNF'd.

Re: Asian Games M high hurdles

It looks as if Chan Chun Wong just missed qualifying in the high hurdles. They seem to be picking 2 + 2 and he was the third fastest loser.

Re: Asian Games M javelin

Ricky Hui threw a PB at the big dance but after everyone had thrown it left him 11th of 13.

Hong Kong gives almost no support to the hammer, discus and javelin. It's rather cynical of the HKAAA to send Ricky to the Asian Games so he can have his PB rubbished by people who can throw twice daily if they want to.

Re: Asian Games W 200

We had Chloe Chan and Wise Poon in the 200 heats, but neither went through.

Re: Asian Games M 200

Our 200m men also crashed and burned: Chan Ka Chun 7th of 8 and Tang Yik Chun last in his heat.

So I believe that's all the Hong Kong interest for today. Jessica Ching and Alpha Chin go in the 20Kwalk early tomorrow morning, but it will be hard going. With the Russians banned, China and Japan dominate the world rankings.

Re: Asian Games Walks

As expected, China and Japan took all the medals. Jessica went with the leaders for 5K, but ended up 6th of 11. Alpha was DQ'd after 10K.

We have teams in both of the 4x100 relays this evening.