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Veterans' World Championships - Indoor Track

18/03/2017 08:00

We don't get any opportunity to run indoor track in Hong Kong, but this year the WMA world championships will be in Korea (Daegu) March 18 through 26. The longest race indoors is 3000m, but there will also be a world championship cross country (8K) and a world championship half marathon. Times in the half can also be submitted for the Asia Road Championships (a postal race).

Entries are online at We already have about 60 on the Hong Kong team. Entries close January 24. You must be 35 or older.

For more information, contact shtb AT the i-cable email address.

Bill Purves

Re: Veterans' World Championships - Indoor Track

Entries close next Tuesday. We now have 80 on the team, plus the pit crew. If you're over 35, join us.

Bill Purves

Re: Veterans' World Championships - Indoor Track

Closes tonight. Join us!

Re: Veterans' World Championships - Indoor Track

The deadline has been extended to February 2. Rebecca and Stella Wong are still seeking a teammate over 55 for the half-marathon on March 25.

Re: Veterans' World Championships - Day 1 update

Only women's racewalking on day 1 -- 3000m on a banked indoor track. A new experience for our women. No medals for Hong Kong, but we saw a world record by Heather Carr from Australia.

You can watch the meet on live streaming at

A grandiose opening ceremony in the evening with an orchestra, singers, dancers and a really amazing karate demonstration. HK has the fourth biggest team, but we were the biggest at the opening ceremony and looked very good in our uniforms.

Outside the stadium, a whole row of food trucks selling Korean specialties supplemented by a series of music and dance performances in the area outside the stadium. Lots to see and do.

Re: Veterans' World Championships - Day 2

A day of fifths and sixths. Sheila Purves led off with a 5th in the W60 cross country race. The men racewalkers were also in action in the afternoon and again got only fifth and sixth places. The best that can be said is that there were many red cards and disqualifications in every race, but our walkers all survived with only one red card among them.

The bright spot was our 60m runners, several of whom got through to tomorrow's finals.

Re: Veterans' World Championships - Day 3, 4 medals!

First event of the day, and gold for Cheung Suet Ling in the W90 60m. She's only Hong Kong's fourth world champion ever after The Yipper, Yuko Gordon and Willie Kung.

Willie was in action later in the day in the long jump, where he's the reigning world champion from Perth. Our other star long jumper was Max Siu. Both took silver, in both cases losing first place on the last jump, in both cases by one centimetre. Very exciting.

Our other medallist today was Ray Ng who took the bronze medal in the M35 high jump. He had only a few Hong Kong supporters to watch him, as he jumped in an unheated building and the temperature in Daegu today was around 10 degrees.

Many others competed in the preliminaries of the 200 and the 800, and several got through to tomorrow's finals.

More than 4000 athletes from 73 countries -- this meet is said to be the biggest indoor track meet ever organized anywhere. It's quite a show.

Re: Veterans' World Championships - medals deluge!

I intended to post daily reports on the championships, but I have to admit it wasn't possible. A big meet like this is like a 6-ring circus. There's always more than one thing going on, and as team manager I was running around continuously.

Of most interest to HKRunners readers, Rebecca Lau and Stella Wong each got a bronze medal in the half-marathon in their respective age groups. The Koreans are good on the roads, but so is Hong Kong.

Apart from that, let me quote AVOHK's Mark Reeves: "Hong Kong should get the gold medal for team spirit." The US team manager said the same thing to me. We had 88 people in Daegu -- the fourth largest team, but the most active and vocal with the best team spirit, supporting not only HK athletes, but anyone who needed support.

Daegu was a great experience. The next big meet is the Asia Veterans' Championships in China in September ( We'll be there. Join us.

Re: Veterans' World Championships - medals deluge!

Our final medal total was 19: 4 gold, 6 silver and 9 bronze. Our 93 year-old sprinter Cheung Suet Ling won both the 60 and the 200 uncontested. Ray Ng had a silver in the M35 pentathlon and a bronze in the high jump. Max Siu had a silver in the M60 long jump and a bronze in the high hurdles.

Six of our medals were won by the racewalkers. Some of the credit goes to Echo Yeung and the Sahn Hahng Tai Bo club. We don't have the world's fastest racewalkers, but we have one of the best racewalking programs.

Indeed, 19 world championship medals is something we can all be proud of.

Bill Purves

Re: Veterans' World Championships - medals deluge!

It doesn't change our medal count, but Kan Cheung has been moved up to 5th in both walks in Daegu. An American ahead of him has been disqualified for doping.