ANS Shatin 10K Classic Riverside Race 2017 (Manstar)
Sogo Charity Run 2017 (Coey Yuen)
Standard Chartered HK Marathon 2017 (wmhy)
Fat Choi Run 2017 (Meimei Chan)
Fat Choi Run 2017 (Meimei Chan)
China Coast Marathon 2017 (wmhy)
Coca Cola Running Fun 2016 (Sunny Leung)
Garmin 10K (Garmin 10K Facebook page)
Garmin 10K (Coey Yuen)
ASICS 10K 2016 (Kate Wong)

Tune-up Running Classes for SCHKM & Overseas Races

Specialized running classes will be launched with the main objective to tune up your fitness for raising your personal best to the next higher levels in the SCHKM events or overseas marathons or other running races by means of systematic and science-based programs. All levels of runners are welcome and enrolled runners can attend more than one session a week.
The success rates of our classmates in previous years averaged over 90% in the SCHKM events & about 90% in overseas races.
- Provide tailor-fit programs for individual enrollees, so can entertain all levels of runners and assist enrolled runners in planning appropriate training loads (volume & intensity) so as to save large amount of time & minimize risks of injury in preparation for coming races,
- Enable each training to be efficient and effective in terms of improving running economy, lactate threshold and max. oxygen uptake, etc.,
- Assist class athletes to better their health, to accomplish individual targets such as strengthen physical body, cut fat, shape up body or whatever goals realized thru’ running and resistance / strength training, as well as accomplish racing goals by means of ongoing plans and peaking programs.
For detailed leaflet and enrollment form, please send an email to: