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MSIG Lantau50 (16/27/50)

04/12/2016 06:30

Part of the MSIG HK50 series the Lantau leg this year has same course as 2015 (16km / 27km / 54km) with what must be the toughest 3500m+ 50k in HK, ok 54km...but true bragging rights if you conquer this race.

2016 edition will also be the Asian Skyrunning Championship so expect to compete against some of the top trail runners across Asia to add to the mix in both the 27km (Skyrace) and 54km (Ultra Skymarathon) distances.

If you haven't been to Lantau it is worth checking out the course before as one of HK's best kept secrets and everyone is hoping no further government expansions on construction there as truly HK's last real Shangri-La.

The weekend starts off with the MSIG Lantau VK (Vertical Kilometer) on Friday afternoon at 3pm with some world-class elites coming to start the weekend off with the curtain raiser. Last year Joe Gray from the United States came and ran the 5km 'uphill' course in 38:35 (yes 38 minutes from sea-level at Tung Fuk up to the very top of Lantau Peak (934m)...insane...funny thing is he came in 2014 and had a faster time which is the record of 37:45...So come and try the VK and then have a day rest on Saturday and then do either the 16/27/54...