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HK Marathon Priority entry and ballot

What are your thoughts on this new arrangement?

HK Marathon has raised the bar to have tougher qualification times for priority application, but on the other hand allow a wider range of qualifying races (eg. Brooks HK 15km challenge)

There will also be actual verifications done to ensure scanned certificates are valid, which shoudl help avoid fraudulent claims.

Abit disappointed that the times are so tough that I'm now relegated to ballot entry, but I guess its fairer overall.

Also, there's going to be a massive crunch of applicants for those vetted races even more than before.

Re: HK Marathon Priority entry and ballot

I know a lot of people are saying it is unfair and what not but through this new entry process I was able to obtain a priority entry from a race I did overseas ....

So I don't mind it

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Re: HK Marathon Priority entry and ballot

Frankdogg, hahaha! Congratulations mate! Fair cop to those who are that fast and can give an exciting race during the day. I guess in the end, that's just how the sport grows: needs more top-tier runners to make it more exciting and attract top talent, while also allowing a fairer and balanced selection for the rest of us. Which is pretty much in line with how most of the world marathon majors are done. Tokyo's now become a very competitive ballot lottery.

Personally, I've now taken the priority time limits to become a challenge, and now eagerly training to see if I can lower my 10K time from 45mins to 43 at least. Good luck to us all!