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Royale International Kayak n Run DBAY

11/06/2016 08:00

Adult - 3km kayak 5km run 3km kayak
Family - 1.4 km kayak & 3 km run

June 11, 2016 -SATURDAY - Discovery Bay (Nim Shue Wan Beach - 5 minute walk from main DB ferry pier/bus station)

8am start (7:30am registration starts) - Family FUN & kids event (1.4 km kayak & 3 km run):

Minimum age 6. Anyone children under 11 yrs old must have adult 18 yr above with them in kayak and both teammates should be related somehow as a family. FUN and not a serious race. Teams will kayak from Nim Shue Wan to Cheung Sha Lan (just around headland by Nim Shue Wan) then MUST GET OUT OF KAYAK AND GO AROUND MARSHAL TOGETHER AND IMMEDIATELY GET BACK INTO KAYAK AND KAYAK BACK TO Nim Shue Wan beach for total 1.4km kayak. Then short run out on coastline maximum 1.5 km and returning back to finish at Nim Shue Wan for total 3km run. Little longer than last year.

REGISTRATION on morning begins 7:30am for confirmed FAMILY participants who have registered online and paid in advance.

Confirmed list will be shown on Event Entry page on left side this website.

Family course description - Not a serious race as designed for fun without timing. OK we will do timing but idea is too have fun and enjoy yourselves. Time limit is 50 minutes for kayak and total 1 hour 30 minutes for complete race.

9:00 am - Adult race - 3 km kayak - 5 km run - 3 km kayak

Capacity 60 teams. (map given out at start of cp you have to find above Man Kok Tsui - pagoda).

REGISTRATION on morning begins 8:30am for confirmed ADULT participants who have registered online and paid in advance.

Come early to cheer on family event.

Adult race course description - Level of difficulty: If you are a beginner we would highly recommend some sort of upper body training (outrigging, dragonboating, fitness centre) as this is not a walk in the park and ocean kayaking can be more difficult from bad weather, large swells, currents, waves, bad navigation, etc.

Kayak 3 km - Nim Shue Wan kayak start. This is the beach at the back of Discovery Bay - 5 minute walk from DBAY main plaza ferry pier walking WEST towards the Mui Wo pier. Cut thru bus station and LEFT on main road until other ferry pier at Nim Shue Wan.


Run 5 km (Hill behind explosive depot at Man Kok Tsui) IF YOU GET LOST OR TAKE LONGER ROUTE IT WILL BE 6 KM.

MUST STAY MINIMUM 50 METERS AWAY FROM EXPLOSIVE DEPOT FENCE AS WE HAVE BEEN WARNED BY PLA. Please no cutting close to fence. Many trails to use higher up hill. There will be 1 checkpoint to find. See map posted below.

Kayak 3 km (From Man Kok Tsui back to Nim Shue Wan).

Course markings - Only beach and mtn check points marked as teams MUST NAVIGATE themselves. Highly recommend you bring map in waterproof holder or ziplock bag. Compass or GPS recommended if you don't know area.

Water checkpoint at beach check point Man Kok Tsui AFTER you finish the 1 running checkpoint. So please bring enough water to last you. Recommend 2 litre full hydration system.


ADULT RACE - Medals for top 3 in each of the age categories. Prizes from Ocean Potion and more.