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10/04/2016 08:00

Course is 100% runnable

Entry started. (3 race series in Repulse Bay, Discovery Bay and Sai Kung).

Race pack pick up - Action X Store www.actionxstore.com

Race start and suspension, stoppage policy. (see also Rules & Regulations for most updated)

1. T8 is up 2 hrs [before] race start. Race cancelled.

2. T3 is up 15 mins before race start, decision to start made on course conditions and other prevailing weather factors eg. TS warning up, lightning . Will base any postponement, cancellation on the key course marshals in various positions on the course and forerunners to provide feedback before the event start.

3. Thunderstorms. If TS warning is in place 15 minutes before the start, the start will be postponed until thunderstorm is cancelled and then restarted at later time in same day. If TS warning goes up during event, then participants will be asked to finish at next checkpoint for the official finish time and then, unless so directed by the CP leader of an alternate race course, the participants will have to make their way back to start/finish where their bags are. Participants should have cash/octopus card - mandatory equipment.

Race Numbers & Singlets

You will be given your Race number & pins in your race pack which must be worn somewhere visible on the FRONT of you. Inside the race pack you’ll also get a souvenir singlet quick dry shirt, which we encourage you to wear in the race to help us keep the sponsorship with them.

Luggage / Clothing / Drop bags

Number tags will be given out at registration at race pack pick up at Action X Store week of race for you to put on your own bags/packs. All bags will be stored near the start line, which is the same as the finish line so just show your race number after race to pick up. Even though we have volunteers looking after the luggage check the race organizer takes no responsibility for lost property so please leave anything expensive at home.


If you have friends or family that can help out we never turn away volunteers and will give them a position of their choice. All volunteers receive a quick dry shirt valued at HK$250 (limited supply), Bonaqua on the course, buns, one free entry in a SPRINT race valued HK$320. Go to contact us top right corner of this website and click VOLUNTEER for choice and leave your contact details and which event if interested.

Toilets upon arrival

AFCD toilets for all at bus station/taxi stand drop off next to Pak Tam Chung start and also next to BBQ start & finish area.
12 km

Elevation gain 597m, elevation loss 594m, total gain/loss 1058m, min elevation 3m, max elevation 384m.

Pak Tam Chung - Tai Mong Tsai Rd - Sai Kung Sai Wan Rd CP - Lok Wu Trail (293m) - Pak Tam Rd - Tai Mong Tsai Rd - Pak Tam Chung

Water checkpoint: Total 1 (CP1 - 5km - Sai Wan Rd 100m before Pagoda at Lok Wu Trail turn). - Bonaqua water in carboys - no cup policy so PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN bottle or hydration system for refill and be green to reduce plastic)
Cut-off at CP1 water timing station (5km) 1 hr 45min.


Finish Line - Bonaqua in carboys - please bring your own bottle or hydration system for fefill

Total course cut-off - 4.5 hours

Map - click download pdf on left side of SK Sprint page http://www.actionasiaevents.com/our-events/upcoming-events/2016-sai-kung...

Course description: (First 5km is private country park road, then next 5.5km is dirt trail and comination of technical track and stone stairs and smooth trail with last 2km on road - suitable for all type of runners/fast hikers)

DON’T THROW ANY GARBAGE ON THE COURSE. Result in disqualification if caught. Lets all keep Hong Kong and our beautiful country parks clean.