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35th Mizuno Fat Choi Run

10/02/2016 08:30

Online registration will begin on 4th January Monday, 2016 at 12 noon.
Each person may only make 4 registrations at one time.
Please note that the page will is in TESTING MODE only until the official start time. All test registrations will be deleted.
Link here.

Re: 35th Mizuno Fat Choi Run

Reminder: ALL TEST registrations done prior to 12 noon on January 4th will be DELETED.

Registration starts Jan 4th at 12 noon.

Re: 35th Mizuno Fat Choi Run

The Fat Choi Run is full.

Consider volunteering: Please email to me at the race email.

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Re: 35th Mizuno Fat Choi Run

Thank you Sheila and Kitty! Always enjoy running in this race, and its incredible that the 800 quota is already filled within 30mins!

I was very fortunate that I got a confirmed registration (Reg ID 88378705, Bib #7), but also confusingly got an email at the same time saying that I only completed a TEST MODE entry.

To confirm this, I tried to re-register, but the site had recognised my email address, and had all my regID and Bib# already detailed.

If I may humbly offer a suggestion, perhaps have the Test Mode page in Yellow/Red, with the Live Production mode in Green, and clearly labelled as such, so that its clear to see whether one's registration attempt is for the correct system?

I think that might help alleviate any worries, and potential spike in enquiry calls to the mobile number provided.

Many thanks and see you on 10th Feb! :)

Re: 35th Mizuno Fat Choi Run

TEST mode was deactivated last night ( 3rd January ) at 23:00 Hong Kong time .
No entries over any sort were possible after 23:00 3rd January .
LIVE mode was activated at 12:00 noon today 4 January .

Any queries please direct them to fatchoirun2016@gmail.com

Re: 35th Mizuno Fat Choi Run

Thanks for all your support! Congrats for all the finishers! Pls check with the results and the prize list of 35th Mizuno Fat Choi Run from the following website. Race photo links will be uploaded soon. :-)