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MSIG Sai Kung 50 (12/21/50)

20/02/2016 06:30

3 distances (12km / 21km / 50km) (For 50km you should have completed at least a half marathon in the last 2 years on trail or road and make sure you train properly for this as strict cut-off for 50km. If not sure then recommend 21km and use this too get more experience as 50km is tough will big climb at end.

Event Name: MSIG Sai Kung 50 - HK50 Series

Date: Feb 20, 2016 (Saturday)

Start Time: 6:30 am (50km start) 7:00 a.m (12k & 21k start together)

Start Location: Pak Tam Chung Picnic Garden, Sai Kung

Distance: 12km, 21, 50km (Ultra Skymarathon)

Category: Trail Running and Hiking

Race 3 of the MSIG HK50 series with prize money and other fantastic prizes for age group winners every race plus overall series prizes to overseas Ultra Marathons.

Course - maps uploaded as small change as using Lok Wu Hiking trail at start.

- 12km changed from 13km as using Lok Wu Hiking Trail at start with rest course same as 2015. Cut-off 5 hours

- 21km (changed from 24km) as using Lok Wu Hiking Trail, down to Chek Keng, Mac to Ham Tin, Lo Tei Tun, Sai Wan Road to finish Pak Tam Chung. Cut-off 8 hours.

- 50km - Lok Wu Hiking trail at start, down to Chek Keng, Mac To Ham Tin, Dai Lo Wan to Cheung Tsui Chau, return to Ham Tin along Dai Lo Wan beach, Ham Tin to Lo Tei Tun, Sai Wan Shan, Sheung Yiu Hiking trail, same as 2015 with Pak Tam Rd & Lok Wu Trail entrance to Pak Tam Au, Ngau Yee Shek Shan, Cheung Sheung, Pak Tam, finish Pak Tam Chung. Cut-off 11 hours.

12km route:
Start to signboard turn on Lok Wu Trail - 4.88km
Signboard turn (Lok Wu Trail) to water CP on Sai Wan Rd - 7.41km
Water CP Sai Wan Rd to finish - 12.3km
Cut-off 5 hrs

21km route:

Start to CP1 Ham Tin - 11.2km
CP1 Ham Tin to Lo Tei Tun turn - 14.9km
Lo Tei Tun turn split to finish - 21.2km

Cut-off 8 hrs

50km route:

Start to CP1 – 11km
CP1 Ham Tin to Cheung Tsui - 16.7km
Cheung Tsui to Ham Tin CP2 - 21.2km
CP2 Ham Tin to CP3 Manyee rd - 30.5km
CP3 Manyee rd to CP4 pak tam rd - 42.3km
CP4 to finish - 53.3km

Cut-off 11 hrs (note we want to get all in before dark and might consider extending to 11.5 hrs if still light as will review this but 11hrs for now as 5:30pm to 6pm gets dark very fast in mtns. One reason we're starting 30min earlier this yr at 6:30am.)

Bus departure 5am for those who pay extra for bus (HK$ 25) while registering. (Admiralty, Yuen Long, Shatin, Prince Edward).