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Recently moved to HK. Desperately need some tips with running in HK

Hi everyone,

Hope you are doing well.

I recently moved to Hong Kong from Canada about a month ago; and I have been having a tough time to find places to run.

1. I'd like to start with my training for Boston next year soon. Is there anyone/group out there will train for Boston that I can tag along? I'd like to get familiar with some running routes in HK.

2. Any good running group/club that I should check out or join? I used to train with a group of people when I was in Toronto. I found it makes the 36k long run much easier.

Any insight will be much appreciated !


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Re: Recently moved to HK. Desperately need some tips with ...

Welcome to HK. You came at a good time when the weather is suited for running. Join a club and find some people to run with. AVOHK or Italia is good if you are English Speaking but best clubs for training groups spread around different parts of HK are mainly Chinese speaking. Trail running is quite popular here and accessible but trails here are not great for training for the specifics of marathons and Boston in particular. Sha Tin is a great area for Marathon training long flat paths with plenty of groups running there to join. For the downhill sections of Boston(most of the course in fact) it would be good to run down from Shing Mun Reservoir towards Tsuen Wan-almost the same gradient and distance as the first 5-miles of Boston.

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Re: Recently moved to HK. Desperately need some tips with ...

Hello Julian and welcome to HK! Sorry that I missed your post, been busy at work. Hope you're settling down well. Whereabouts are you staying? That would give us a better idea of what are your local routes to try.

Since you're a BQ, you should have no problem pacing along with the Ferraris of the HK running world, the incredible Italia running club. Their Elite group are consistently at the top end of the podium places. Here's their website:

As KevinT says, Shatin area is great for the flat paths/cycle lanes. Have a look at this race route which is a full 42km route, but of course adjust to your LSD requirement.

I have joined a training group that's coached by Yiu Kit Ching and Chan Kaho, local winners and Kit Ching is our Olympic candidate to represent HK in ladies marathon. Cantonese speaking, but they're friendly and happy to help and train. We also have quite afew fast runners, one of which I know has a FM PB of 3:30. I also know of another group of runners who congregate at Aberdeen sports ground every Tuesday at 7:30pm. My friend there runs FM in under 3hrs, and he says that there's a good range of paces, so that should be a good match for you. He's from England, so that might also be a better option in terms of language communication.

Good luck with the training!