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12th Launch8 Tolo Harbour 10K Race (Sundae Lam)
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Xiamen Marathon 2016

Despite this year Xiamen being a bit of a mess at start and finish i decided to try again , this will be my fifth xiamen marathon .

route has slightly changed again . Back to the old start position outside the convention centre which is much more suited to an international event . But the finish will still be the same as this year which is not an ideal location . But i can always walk the 8km back to the start as a cool down after the marathon ( make up an ultra haha)

this year registration also different . I am now awaiting confirmation of my details before i can pay.....

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Re: Xiamen Marathon 2016

Thanks for the heads up on this MikeC link here for lazy access for readers haha :P
Interesting route along the coastline. Is it nice an scenic?

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Re: Xiamen Marathon 2016

Hi Mike - last couple of years high speed train from Schenzen makes this more attractive.