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The 2015 Pricerite 30 Anniversary 10K King of Fast Course and Mini Marathon

27/12/2015 08:30

The 2015 Pricerite 30 Anniversary 10K King of Fast Course and Mini Marathon organised by Lok Wah Runners Club will be held on Dec 27 (Sun) at Pak Shek Kok Promenade near Hong Kong Science & Technology Park. Distance is 10K or 4.2K. Visit this page on Lok Wah Runners Club's website for details and registration:

Re: The 2015 Pricerite 30 Anniversary 10K King of Fast ...

It's fast because it's not 10k. Last year it was short, same this year.

Re: The 2015 Pricerite 30 Anniversary 10K King of Fast ...

how do we know this year will be short ?

last year was short based on GPS or on actual measurements.....GPS is not 100% accurate

I have experienced short courses before but usually if a course is measured by wheel i accept it more accurate than GPS .

I have seen many people complain about so called short courses based on their personal GPS but the actual course has been measured by a measuring wheel .

there is a lot of interesting information on the internet concerning so called short courses/GPS measurements as well as those that are alleged over distance .

anyway i will be running on 27th....lets see what my GPS alleges .

Re: The 2015 Pricerite 30 Anniversary 10K King of Fast ...


How do we know this year will be short? There is a (very) good map on the organisers website. I plugged this in to 2 GPS sites (geodistance and map my run). On mapmyrun the distance came to 9.24km.

I assume that the map is accurate and that this course is the actual course to be run.

I did this run last year and was around 90secs-2mins better than expected - I suspected then that I ran 400-500m less than a 10k. I should say, looking at other runners times, that many of them look reasonable.

Wheel is more accurate that GPS - yes, I'd agree. U-turns, buildings and gradient seem to distort even the best GPSs

You are running in December - ok, let us know!

Re: The 2015 Pricerite 30 Anniversary 10K King of Fast ...

ok lets see what happens in december....i will wait until finished the run first.....

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Re: The 2015 Pricerite 30 Anniversary 10K King of Fast ...

So this just happened:
Saw that the registration page offers:
a) 10K registration
b) 4.2K mini marathon registration
c) 10K & Mini marathon registration!

Thought that was a typo, but when I clicked it, sure enough, the reg fee rose from $150 for 10K, to $250 for both!
8:30am start for 10K, followed by 9:30am start for 4.2K!

Well, that's something new!
Registered for both as a novel new experience! Don't think I'll be able to make a PB for the 10K (currently 49mins) but should be able to finish within an hour to join the rear end of the 4.2K race, haha!
If nothing else, will just take it as a disjointed Tempo run for the weekend! :D

BTW, @AJRunner, hopefully the course will be a proper 10K distance, as the registration page clearly states:
"This ​race ​route ​is ​flat ​and ​speedy ​road ​and ​this ​race ​is ​applied ​HKAAA ​sanction." Let you know how it goes! :)

@MikeC, look forward to meeting you in person at the starting line! :)

Re: The 2015 Pricerite 30 Anniversary 10K King of Fast ...

ok just finished...carried two gps watches....distance accurate at 10k confirmed.

Re: The 2015 Pricerite 30 Anniversary 10K King of Fast ...

missed you at start....also didnt see the double race entry...next year....but need to run faster haha

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Post-race report: The 2015 Pricerite 10K King of Fast Course

At registration, I noticed that there was several options for racing: 10K, 4.2K mini-marathon, and BOTH 10K + 4.2K! I checked the start times, and given that the 4.2K would start 1hr after the 10K clock started, I should be able to get back in time for the start. After all, I needed the mileage to continue my marathon training. The cost is exactly both races together: $150 + $100.

Feeling super stuffed from the build up to Xmas feasts, I was unsure if I could run a PB, since it was 49mins at my fittest a few years ago. We'll see how it goes. Headed to University MTR to catch the 272X bus to go to the Science Park. Only waited about 5mins before it started moving, with plenty of other runners there. The journey was quick, less than 5mins to arrive, but once I checked in my bag, I only had 15mins left before joining the starting line up. There were already a lot of runners following the stage MCs to do stretching exercises, something I didn't have much time for either.

Joined the line up, already about 15 rows behind the frontrunners. Drones flew overheard taking photos of the burgeoning crowd. Countdown began and racers all prepared their Sportswatches and smartphones. GO! Everyone surges forwards in a fast pace to get a good position, and also because of the chilly breeze forcing everyone to warm up quickly. The route is virtually flat all the way, with some fast bends so you're not slowed down at all. In fact, the only times you'll slow down is at the 5k turning point, which is near the public toilets towards the entrance of Yuen Chau Tsai Park. Even some classic 10K races like Shing Mun River have some 90Deg corners turning into the Twin Bridges, so aside from a 400m track lap, this is pretty much as fast as a course could get.

There are really only two water stops: one about 2K from the start, at the end of the Providence Bay residential estate, and another about 4K into the race. But since you're doubling back on the route, that translates to "another" couple of stops at 6K and 8K markers. There are quite a few photographers along the route with volunteers cheering along that helped keep smiles on runners faces. One note about the route is that its still open to the public, so you need to be careful of fast cyclists going in both directions during the race, and also recreational runners too.

With the last two km to go, you can see everyone really giving all they got to seal that personal best record. It's a compelling motivator just to keep up with the others, and i JUST managed to sneak over the finish line in 44min 18sec on Strava, achieving my goal of a sub-45min at last! The distance was recorded as 9.9km, from the moment I stepped onto the starting timing mats. However, I can account for that last 100m because I did run tangents along the bends of the course, so I'm sure that must have shaved off some distance from the "official" racing line. (ie. if you stayed along the middle of the path, you would have got a full 10km, while I gravitated towards the kerbs where legally possible).

After finishing, you get a goody bag of distilled water, Watsons Water isotone drink, chinese pear, banana, and some other leaflets.

For those who registered for the 4.2K race as well, you had to go to bag drop location to hand in your hard token and collect your bag. Once you swapped your bibs, you need to re-check in your bag with a different token. Luckily it only took me 3mins in total for the pit stop, so it's not a big deal. Lets face it - if you're expecting to finish the 10K in 55mins or slower, you're unlikely to also register for the 4.2K too!

The 4.2K race was actually registered as 4.0km on the iPhone Strava app. Seemed strange was there wasn't any bends for me to cut corners on, so it might have been a GPS rounding issue. Logically speaking, the distance should be accurate at 4.2km, as the turning point was a little further than the 2k water stop. The 4.2k race was mostly the younger generation, who were still fast. The number of runners was also much smaller... I estimate around 100 or less. Some parents ran along slowly with their young kids, as young as 4-5yrs old I reckon - such admirable efforts! They'll be happy with receiving a finishers medal. 10K runners do not get such bling, but then again, the mini-marathoner's done get any trophy prizes either for top runners.

IF you're a fast 10K runner who can knock it out in 40mins or less, you could be looking at bagging a trophy, as there are places for the top 15 of each age category. My friend got 14th place with a time of 38mins. Pretty generous prize handout.

Hope this intel helps those who may be considering this race in the future!

Oh PS, the bib pickup at Megabox in Kowloon Bay was poorly timed! You had to pickup on 25th-26th Dec, which means primetime busy traffic between Kowloon Bay MTR's Telford Plaza, and the shuttle bus ride to Megabox. Not only is the queue for the shuttle at least an hour, queuing for the taxi should be at least 25mins too, with over 50ppl queuing. Do yourself a favour and use Google Maps to see how you can WALK from Telford Plaza (go past the Ruby Tuesday restaurant for the right direction) and you'll be there in 15mins. I literally strolled past so many taxis stuck in traffic, because of the lights and the convoluted corraling of car traffic into Megabox.

The tops weren't that particularly appealing either.... black singlet with more sponsor logos on it than a Formula 1 car!

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Concur with MikeC: Distance really is 10K

@ MikeC, Haha no worries, next time mate! Hope you had a good race! I got to the starting line up very late.

@ AJRunner, I concur with MikeC. The distance is a certifiable 10K distance. My iPhone Strava app captured 9.9K, but that's because I cut some corners by running tangents and going onto the kerbs and pavements where legally permissible, instead of following the centre of the path along the bends.

Re: The 2015 Pricerite 30 Anniversary 10K King of Fast ...

Michael - thanks for the confirmation, that's good to hear. Then it really is the king of fast courses!