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Nara Marathon

Have anyone ever run Nara Marathon in Japan before ? I enrolled this year but on second thought, a little bit worried about the low temperature. Typically it is 5-10 C in December. Is this a race well-organzied ?

Thanks for any advice and comment.

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Re: Nara Marathon

While I don't know of anyone who's run it personally, I know of friends who have done Tokyo Marathon in similarly cold conditions.
They counter the cold by wearing arm sleeves, tank tops, and full compression tights, and that seems sufficient, as you'll warm up along the way.
If its going to rain or you're looking to line up early near the start, suggest you bring along a old disposable sweater, and/or a rain poncho from 7-11 that you can discard once fully warmed up.
Good luck and hope to hear some good experiences from you about it! Naha is also on my radar for possible international marathons! :)

Re: Nara Marathon

I have run it three times . It is a typically very well organised japanese marathon . The expo is quite small but still good for bargains....if you have small feet haha .

Yes it can be cold.....last year we started at about 1 degree and it warmed up to about 10 degrees .

normally for these races i will wear 2 XU compression tights to keep legs warm , a running T shirt , cap to keep head warm , disposable white gloes cheap buy in supermarkets , a buff around my neck and over the top to start an old T shirt and a thin plastic vest . ( some people wear the arm sleeves but i found i dont need them )

as usual you will have to stand around the starting pen so do bring the extra shirt .

Once the race is about to begin i get rid of the T shirt but i keep the thin plastic vest . If i get warm i take the vest off and tuck it in my belt in case feel cold again about 30K .

The route is quite flat until you reach "the hill" then you have to climb over the hill to the other side and on the way back climb the hill again .

Not sure of your pacing but do be aware of the cut offs . japanese are strict....even cut offs about mercy .

You will find all the japanese runners no matter what age are fit and will pass all the gates no problem even though they stop to queue and drink the hot sweet soup at about 25K .

running back into town you will pass through the deer area before heading to the finish .

usual various souvenirs to finish then remember to go back to the expo which is still open to get some hot soup or hot sweet tea/coffee .

I hope you have already booked hotels as they fill up fast . if not then you may have to stay osaka . actually many runners arrive in the morning by train .

it is a fun race . dont worry about the cold .

I hate the cold weather but still fully enjoy running here . I would run again but I am going to honolulu marathon so no spare time .

Have fun .

Re: Nara Marathon

Thank you Michael and Mike's sharing.