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SHKP Vertical Run for Charity: Race to Hong Kong ICC 2015

06/12/2015 09:01


Sun ​Hung ​Kai ​Properties ​Limited ​(SHKP) ​stages ​the ​‘SHKP ​Vertical ​Run ​for ​Charity ​– ​Race ​to ​Hong ​Kong ​ICC’ ​to ​raise ​funds ​for ​child ​and ​youth ​services. ​The ​event ​will ​be ​held ​on ​6th ​December ​this ​year ​at ​the ​International ​Commerce ​Centre ​(ICC), ​the ​tallest ​building ​in ​Hong ​Kong. ​

Local ​and ​global ​entrants ​will ​climb ​2,120 ​steps ​in ​Elite, ​Individual ​and ​Relay ​races ​and ​will ​finish ​at ​the ​sky100 ​Hong ​Kong ​Observation ​Deck ​on ​the ​100th ​floor. ​The ​Fun ​Climb ​will ​give ​participants ​a ​taste ​of ​this ​for ​those ​interested ​while ​parents ​and ​children ​are ​also ​welcome ​to ​join. ​ ​Corporations ​are ​welcome ​to ​join ​the ​newly ​created ​Fun ​Climb ​- ​Type ​C ​this ​year ​which ​would ​allow ​participants ​enjoy ​a ​leisurely ​experience ​of ​vertical ​running ​for ​worthy ​causes.

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Re: SHKP Vertical Run for Charity: Race to Hong Kong ICC 2015

Thank you for posting this!
Have registered for my first attempt at this race. Curious to try it....

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Post race report: SHKP Vertical Run ICC 2015

So finally got to doing this event! Definitely a new experience, and I'd say its worth trying at least once.

It's pretty well organised and in order to avoid any crushes or jostling for places, runners are assigned into groups of upto 12, and released at 2min intervals. That gives enough time to minimise risky overtaking, which - kudos to those fit runners - did happen with some from 2-3 groups behind me!
They make a strong point verbally and on written paper that you do not take smartphones to avoid selfies blocking others, and minimise items being dropped and again causing blocks or accidents. Alas, I heeded this advice, and missed the opportunity to take some glorious panoramic photos from the observation deck! Saw plenty of runners carrying their stuff in bags or race belts.
Legs were practically on fire after the first 2-3mins of leaping up every 2 steps, and almost died! haha but after easing back on my expectations, was able to keep a consistent pace thereafter, step by step.
The stairwells are typical fire escape stairs - clean, brightly lit, and not much chance of slipping. However, due to the monotonous 'scenery', there's a high risk of getting disoriented since you're turning around in a very tight circle. The stairs are literally 2meters wide, as I could hold both left and right handrails at the same time. I got duped from the wide-angle lens promotional video! :P
Having volunteers on most of the floors does help to differentiate the floors, and they kindly offer water and seats if you need abit of a breather.
Approximately every 20 floors is a refuge floor - standard safety feature of skyscrapers to prevent fires from spreading too quickly. These offer a nice welcome change of pace literally, as you run circumventing the building to enter another stairwell and continue your ascent. There are first aid stations and water stations setup with water and Aquarius, which helped.
Running towards the top, you see more signs saying "Almost there!" etc to give you some hope. When you come out to the Observation Deck floor, you see several photographers and videographers capturing you, and hopefully they'll be available soon. Running towards the end, you can't help but raise your arms in triumph at conquering the tallest building in HK! There's a buffet of chocolate brownies, new york cheesecakes, vanilla cookies, apples, bananas, snickers bars, tea and coffee for you to replenish yourself and soak in the magnificent views. The finisher's medal is very nicely polished, emblazed with "Vertical World Circuit" and "2120 steps finisher", very nice.
Nice experience, not sure I'd do it again, but its interesting to see and feel a totally different kind of race.
Took me about 27mins to finish.
UPDATE @ 2015-12-15: Marathon-Photos.com pics showed that I crossed the line at 10:54:56, my run taking me 24mins56sec! Happy with that result :)
The winner did it in just under 12mins!!!! Incredible!

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Re: Post race report: SHKP Vertical Run ICC 2015

Thanks for sharing.

Re: SHKP Vertical Run for Charity: Race to Hong Kong ICC 2015

Very nicely described!

Re: Post race report: SHKP Vertical Run ICC 2015

Thanks for the report - glad you enjoyed it!