12th Launch8 Tolo Harbour 10K Race (Sundae Lam)
12th Launch8 Tolo Harbour 10K Race (Sundae Lam)
Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon (HKRun)
Mizuno Hong Kong Half Marathon 2017 (Coey Yuen)
ASICS Hong Kong Island 10K City Race (Cheng Chung Lin)
Sportshouse Hong Kong 10K Challenge (Vic Hui)
Chung Hing Cup 2017 (wmhy)
AQUARIUS TWAC Chairman Memorial 10K Race (Meimei Chan)
AQUARIUS TWAC Chairman Memorial 10K Race (Coey Yuen)
2017 AQUARIUS TWAC Chairman Memorial Cup 10K Evening Race (Kenneth Kwok)

Ultramarathons in the Philippines

Three upcoming events this year:

Clark Ultramarathon (Sep 5-6)
The first Clark Ultramarathon will be held on September 5-6, 2015. The Clark Ultramarathon aims to gather beginner, aspiring, top and veteran ultramarathoners in an 18-week journey to inspire each other to go beyond their limits and give their best. There will be three categories, the 50K Challenge, a 100K Relay and 100K Championship, which will be held on the same day and venue but will have different entry qualifications.

Miyamit Falls Trail Marathon (Oct 4)
42 kilometers and 26 kilometers. Miyamit Falls Trail Marathon is 100% TRAIL race. It is part of the Clark Miyamit (CM50Ultra) Trail Race Series. The trail race provides a glimpse of the finale race, the longer and tougher CM50Ultra which is held towards the end of November each year, Nov 22, 2015 for its 5th Edition. With the right preparation, the trail race is an ideal venue for those who would like to venture into trail running.

CM50 Trail Ultra (Nov 22)
Clark-Miyamit Trail Ultra #CM50ULTRA is a trail race series. Now on its 5th Edition, it is a race that brings out the best out of all trail runners of all abilities and interests.
Qualifying race: Oct 5 - MF42 with two categories: 42K and 26 K distance (Visit: mf42.strikingly.com to register)
Finale race: Nov 22 – CM50 with two categories: 50 miles and 60K distance.The CM50 Trail Ultra 50 Mile Race is the finale of the CM50 trail race series. A shorter distance race of 60 kilometers is also held on the same day.