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Lower Leg Pain

Hi, Wonder if I can get comments for the reasons of lower leg pain and how to treat it myself. Or if it is definiately a must to see doctor or physiotherapy. It's right above the ankle. I experienced it around 2 weeks ago when I put on my new shoes during a running training class but the pain was gone after I finished the 30 min run. Then I changed back to the old shoes last week and there's no pain during the class. However, the pain came again yesterday after 30 min run with the old shoes. When I stopped and wallked, there's no pain. Then I started to run after 10 min and pain came back after another 10 min. Today I put on normal flat shoes for work and the pain came when I lift my foot. I have been running for quite some years with max. 2 hours/2 days/week. I might have added 1/2 hour more/1 day more in the past two weeks. Not sure what 's the root cause - Shoes, increased running, or prolonged wrong running postures??

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Re: Lower Leg Pain

Hi there, sorry to hear that you're having some pain around your ankle.
Definitely need to have a visit with a qualified physiotherapist to check the exact root cause and how to remediate it. Suggest that you also bring both old and new running shoes for evaluation, as it might be a change of running gait that your legs are not used to yet.

eg. when I changed from normal Mizunos to a zero-drop barefoot-style running shoes, my lower leg was definitely aching more due to the new style, but i ramped up very slowly.

Good luck and hope you can identify a way to resolve it!

Re: Lower Leg Pain

Thanks for comments. Will do.