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BBC - Too much jogging 'as bad as no exercise at all'

BBC article citing a report in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, that studied more than 1,000 healthy joggers and non-joggers over a 12-year period.

In their report, they suggest: "Long-term strenuous endurance exercise may induce pathological structural remodelling of the heart and arteries."

The specific research appears to be this one:

The ppt chart that is available to view shows a very simplistic relationship between the number of runners of each category (No exercise, light, moderate, strenuous activity), and the number of deaths registered within that 10yr period.
Note that the distribution is NOT evenly across the board (ie. 250 per category.) Instead, the bulk of the numbers are in low activity. So the 36 strenuous "joggers" category who unfortunately experienced 2 deaths has skewed the results to make it look like a hazardous group! While light joggers numbering 570, only had 7, therefore making it a safer category??? Is that really what these scientists are concluding?

Additionally, it does not show is the cause of death (car accident? Old age? Breast cancer?), which I suspect might be listed on another piece of data in the article, but that is locked under subscription login).

Any thoughts from others?

Personally I'm currently running 5.5-10k per lunch hour since 1st Jan 2015, at an average pace of 5'30"/km, and I have never felt better!