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MSIG Lantau VK (Vertical KM - 5km) - Fri night

05/12/2014 17:00

Two new races with MSIG Lantau VK (Vertical Kilometer and the exciting (and very tough) new 88km trail run the same weekend. So if coming from overseas to Hong Kong and thinking of doing the 50k, consider doing the VK on Friday night as a warm-up for the 50k/27k/13k on Sunday morning. You would have to be pretty crazy to do the VK and then the 88k following night, but then again nothing would surprise us these days.....

If not entering you should definately be coming out to line the course too see some of the fastest runners in the world flying in to Hong Kong to break the accent record. Bring your cowbells and make lots of noise......

Event Name: MSIG Lantau VK

Date: Dec 5, 2014 (Friday)

Start Time: 5:00 pm

Start Location: Tong Fuk Beach, Lantau, Hong Kong

Finish Location: Lantau Peak - then awards Pak Kung Au

Distance: 5 km (+934m)

更多資訊快將張貼於MSIG 香港50系列賽事網頁內。兩項新加入賽事於同一週末舉行,MSIG LANTAU VK (Vertical Kilometer) 及集刺激挑戰(艱苦) 於一身之88公里越野賽事。有興趣參與50公里之海外跑手,可考慮參與星期五晚進行之VK賽事作為熱身賽,為接下來星期日的50公里/ 27公里/ 13公里賽事做好準備。不難想像,參加VK同時又參與88公里賽事的必定是瘋狂跑手,但今時今日對熱愛越野跑手來說,已是家常菜 … …