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Start 2013 as you mean to go on!

Happy New Year everyone!
As another member mentioned before, this site used to be full of lively stories about everyone's running experiences. I thought it might be a good idea to try and start 2013 with a new approach to bring back those 'good old days' and bring back some positivity!

So, yesterday I was encouraged by seeing so many of my running friends enjoying the wonderful day by going out on long hikes or easy runs and exploring new places. Alas, I had to take care of the family during the day, so no sneaking out until the kids were in bed. But already during the day, I had schemed up a nice little route to start the new year off....

The plan was to use the Nike+ Running app on my iPhone to do a "GPS Drawing" of the number "2013". GPS drawing is where your gps tracking route is used to draw out a symbol, icon or anything. Weaving in and out of streets, seems like a fun idea.

A side-quest to this adventure would be to reach the target distance of 20.13km too! Great way to commemorate the new year!

(It also would have been good to have started or ended the run exactly at 20:13 too, but can't have everything :P )

So finally once the kids were taken care of, I quickly put on my running kit and met up with a friend eager to try out this new route.
We started out at Olympian City... running down to circle the West Kowloon promenade... and that would signify the "2" in 2013.

Running along Austin Road, we then completed the "0" by looping around Gascoigne Road, down Nathan Road, and then back to Austin Road.

The "1" was a tough uphill run along Fat Kwong Street, which at times went about 25-30degrees for at least 600m.

Going back down Fat Kwong Street, we then headed towards Tokwawan to start on the "3", which meant weaving into Argyle St, then back out to finish along Prince Edward Road West.

Alas, my friend had dropped her Octopus card along the way, and was feeling abit too tired to continue, so she retired from this run. It was already 11:30pm by then, and I was also feeling doubtful I could complete the remaining 7k before midnight. In the end, I finished the 7k only after 12:18am, by having to run Prince Edward Road West until the crossroads at Waterloo Rd, then back again.

From the app's audio feedback, I felt one more objective could be within reach.... to finish the run exactly at 2h01m30secs!!! Very ambitious, and I tried to time it just right, but as I got into the high-rise area of Tokwawan road, I saw the GPS distance counter start creeping up even though I was stationary... probably due to some algorithmic calculations based on my previous pace... I decided to stop the clock at 2h00m46s, in order to preserve the distance marker of 20.13km instead.

What a run! It's a trivial achievement, but I took alot of pride in inventing the route, and actually following it through to the end, despite it meaning I would only get home, stretched, showered and in bed after 1am... to get up for work at 6:30am!!! But sometimes, these things just won't get done without getting your feet out of the door. All too easy to just sit back and think about it, but it's something else to push ahead and get things done.

So, what did you guys and girls get upto for the 1st Jan 2013? :) Look forward to hearing your stories!

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Re: Start 2013 as you mean to go on!

Thanks for sharing. Are you doing this again? That's part of my territory as well.

Re: Start 2013 as you mean to go on!

On NY day, I did 6 laps at the Happy Valley enjoying the sunshine, preparing for China Coast which is one of my favorite races.

If time is affordable, I usually go up to either Mt Butler or Bowen Rd to do a longer run.


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Re: Start 2013 as you mean to go on!

Hi Cowboy!
I'm not sure I'll do that again, but there's always a possibility. My friend who ran 70% of the way with me might want to try again, will let you know if that happens!

My next run around Kowloon would likely start at Hunghom (where I live), along the harbour to West Kowloon district, up Canton Road heading towards Cheung Sha Wan, turn right and run towards Wong Tai Sin, then back down Tokwawan then home. I've already done smaller routes like that, and I'll share those GPS routes with you, below attached.

I had joined the Mizuno HM Championship run this Sunday, so will have to take it gentle from now until then... with the China Coast HM the following week.

Catch you soon!

hi Run4Health,
Thanks for your suggestion for running around Mount Butler. Haven't done that yet, but sounds rather challenging with steep trails, is that right? Would love to hear what your typical route is, and what your pace and finish time is roughly, I might take a taxi to head there one weekend instead of continually doing Kowloon.

Re: Start 2013 as you mean to go on!

Enrol in Mt Butler race in March, then you know how fun it is.

Scenic, no tarffic, unspoiled though some parts of Sir Cecil Ride was cemented several yrs ago due to safety reason.

Hardest part is from Tai Tam Reservoir all the way up to the intersection with Mt parker, approx. 3K.

Satisfaction guranteed.