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Massage for runners

Does anyone know of good places for massages catered to runners? Preferably in Hong Kong? What kind of charges should I expect?

Re: Massage for runners

Let me know if you have found one. I went to one last year but had problem with their massage oil used and the massage was only so so. For the last year, I have only been using a foam roller, ice pack, warm towel and my own hands to get the muscles relaxed. Those Phiten stickers also seems to work.

The 2XU compression socks seema to also help.

I suspect many of the things I tried are more mentally helping but who cares if the result is that I feel good afterwards.

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Re: Massage for runners

To be honest, I usually just massage myself!
The stiffest parts of my body after a long run are my calves. In the shower with the calves lathered up, I use my knuckles and finger joints to 'pull' the muscles upwards several times. I also gently knock them side to side to loosen them up a little. All sounds silly, but just trying to replicate what I recall from my physiotherapist when she was helping me mend up my legs a long time ago.
I also use compression gear, and find them a great help in keeping muscles stabilised during runs, and (according to their marketing material) delay the onset of lactic acid buildup.

Re: Massage for runners

not sure if you are talking about a proper physio which I have no info and guess costs more but is more professional or just a "good" massage .

I , and it seems many other runners , use a place on top of soho called Ocean Foot Massage , on caine road , top of escalator opposite starbucks . Costs about 230/hour which is a bit more than many other places but I like it for a number of reasons - comfortable , massages are good and "strong" and one hour means one hour not 15 mins soak and 45 mins massage .

weekends gets quite crowded especially after a race on hong kong side .

Re: Massage for runners

Thanks MikeC,

That is good info, since I live on Robinson near the escalator this sounds very convenient.

Pardon my stupid questions since message was never my thing. The term "Foot message" kind of gives me the impression of the place where the masseur soaks and messages the bottom of the customers' foot. Is this that kind of place? Hope they wash their hands well after each message before messaging someone else's head :)

Do they also perform messages on legs and calves? And are they well versed on messages for runners? I think they call those "runner's revenge"?

Re: Massage for runners

I tried the first sports massage in HK last week - it was in Stanley Street:

The therapist was very professional as she wanted to know about my running history, my latest injury and my aims. She also focused on the lower back, the hamstrings and the calfs. When I told her about my dysbalances, she even contacted a physiotherapist for me. I very much appreciated this!!

But: It was not cheap - I think, one hour was 800,-- HKD.

I simply sent an E-Mail to the info@ adress and explained my issue. So, they lady at the reception settled an appointment with the specialist for lower back issues - that made a very good impression to me and proofed to be the right thing!

Re: Massage for runners

They have pre-event massage too? I thought you are not suppose to het too relaxed before the event. Let me call them up and see what it is but I'd suppose 3 days is a little tight on time.

Re: Massage for runners

Thanks Ninale, this reminds me that visiting a physio or sports clinic may be another route.

I have visited Sports and Spinal Physio Center on Stanley Street For my patella tendonitis before. They are very good and therapists there specialize in sports, my therapist was a runner and a rugby player. Although the focus at the time was on curing my problem, I think they can provide training and some messages for marathon preparation too.

Their rate is also $800/hour. But if you have a letter from your GP your medical insurance should cover it. But you really should have an legit ailment in the first place. I guess many of us runners have patella problems once in a while.

Re: Massage for runners

easier to just go and have a try .

yes wash hands etc.

also although called foot massage covers everything up to knees , so calfs etc also included .

as to pressure that us up to you . less pressure more relaxing ...more pressure and sure you will make funny faces .

after marathons i find their calf massage very good as well as massaging the soles of my feet.

although they have a massage "program" they will basically concentrate on where you want.

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Re: Massage for runners

Get a foam roller for about HK$100. You never need to make an appointment and you only pay once.