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are there any running groups close to Sheung Wan?

Just moved to Sheung Wan HK (from Sydney) and looking to run early mornings from 5.45am or 6am or after work from 7pm. I'm enquiring if there are any runners out there keen to meet up. I try and target runs anywhere between 6-14km. also interested in any other training activities i.e hill running/core training.
happy training.

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Re: are there any running groups close to Sheung Wan?

There's a big group of runnners called "HK Harbour Runners" who meet regularly every wednesday @ 7:45pm.
They have a facebook page you can check out.
It's free, and arranged by some Nike NTC trainers in their spare time. It's a very informal casual affair, and nice bunch of people. No formal introductions or stuff. Can just run alongside them incognito, or if you're social just approach anyone and have a chat.

The location alternates every week between Central Ferry Pier 7 (ground floor), and TST Clock Tower.
The former usually has a 5k route from Pier 7 westward to Sun Yat Sen Menorial Park and back, while intermediates will do a full 9-10k route going beyond to a bus terminus in Kennedy Town. They do sometimes vary the route, eg head eastwards to HKCEC and back.
The latter usually routs around West Kowloon area, and along footbridges around Austin Road West, and back to TST.

There are usually three groups of runners: fast (5k/min upwards), medium (6k/min) and beginners. There's also warmup and cooldown stretches coordinated by them, as well as a brief NTC core-muscles exercises midway through the run at the U-Turn point for beginners.

Overall its good fun and very casual. Welcome to join along! I'm the one who usually runs with a red belt water bottle pack and black armband for my iphone. Say hi! (as long as I can get off work in time!)