3 Islands Trail Race

VladIxel.com, TGR.RUN & Run2Gather have come together to bring the Hong Kong trail community a unique new challenge — 3 Islands Trail Race! This unique event has two parts: a 4-week virtual trail challenge (23 Mar – 21 Apr) and a traditional running race on 27th April.
In this new island-hopping race, runners will race over each island trail to catch a ferry to the next island, and repeat until they get to the finish line — starting on Lamma, then to Hong Kong Island, and finishing on Lantau. The race will have up to three stages, with participants racing to complete each stage as quickly as possible — travel time between stages will not be added to your finish time.


3 Islands Solo Runner- Lamma 11km, Hong Kong 10km and Lantau 10km. Total 31km
3 Islands Team of 2- Lamma 11km, Hong Kong 10km and Lantau 10km. Total 31km
3 Islands Team of 3 – Lamma 11km, Hong Kong 10km and Lantau10km. Total 31km
3 Islands Relay Team of 3 – Lamma 1 runner 11km, Hong Kong 2 runners 10km, Lantau 3 runners 10km. Total 31km
2 Islands Solo Runner – Hong Kong 10km and Lantau 10km. Total 20km
2 Islands Team of 2 – Hong Kong 10km and Lantau 10km. Total 20km

Women’s Five – April 2019

The Women’s Five – more then just a run. Come and join for a 5 & 10K run for women only in Aberdeen Country Park. If you want you can join our 5 week fitness program before the race – Yoga, Running, HIIT, Meditation and Mindfulness.

The Peak24 Corporate Relay Race

The Peak24 is Hong Kong’s first corporate relay race against human trafficking. Teams of five from various companies compete in a 24-mile long relay race on the peak. All the funds raised through this race will go to anti-slavery efforts via Operation 24 in partnership with The Exodus Road in the US to free trafficking victims.

Date: 13th April 2019 (Saturday)
Venue: Lugard Road, The Peak
Length: A relay-style marathon run in teams of 6 (8.5km per person)
Price: HKD 5000 per team (all proceeds go to our Charity which actively fights modern slavery)
For more details, please visit event website at: http://www.peak24.orgThe